Year: 2018
Art Direction: Cristiano Bottino
Editorial Design
XL is Relative

An editorial project aimed at giving the word ‘XL’ an identity in a small format zine.

The concept evolved into trying to look at different ways that the word ‘XL’ could be visualised, the world ‘XL’ or Extra Large can be relative and may change in regard to the viewer. Taking the word relative and variable, I came to the idea of branding → Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

This is obviously the most simplified explanation for his theory, but for someone not involved in studying physics, his theory is hard to grasp to say the least, let alone all the implications it has had and continues to have in our lives.

The aim for this project was to shed light on the gravity and scale of the theory, and at the same time letting the content of the theory define and give identity to the zine and the word ‘XL’ itself.

The grid that used for this editorial zine was derived from how the → Theory of Relativity is visually represented. Any image search based on the theory will produce images of a spherical object placed on a uniform three dimentional grid. This consistent square grid was the base for this project.

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