Year: 2023
Client: Wall&Decò
Art Direction: Palomba Serafini Associati
Interior Design
Wall&Decò Wallpaper Collection
‘Geroglifici’ was created using the typeface Inter. When the glyphs were cut up to form a pattern, they created a unique and contemporary design that complements any modern interior. by using a typeface that has its own character, it brings those same qualities to the wallpaper an in turn any spac that is is applied in. Having a high contrast version in black allows for it to be the focus in a room, while the low contrast version allows for a subtle pattern and depth to frame other focal objects in a space.

‘Racconti’ is the visualisation of the phrase ‘if these walls could talk’. Imagine walking into an old house you just bought to find a wall with layers of wallpaper from previous owners and residents. Each layer telling a diiferent story and a different period in time. the concept behind this wallpaper was to suggest a passage of time and emphasise that things we consider old and unusable have value if you are willing to explore it.
‘Magnifier’ was created for the sole purspose of adding depth. with its geometric lines and shapes, it fits into any space. The subtle texture originally taken from a wood cut illustration of trees, gives Magnifier its softness. Made to add texture and depth to any space, keeping a muted grey tone to not overpower a room.
︎︎︎ TEMPO
‘Tempo’ plays on our biases towards things that are considered out of date or dirty. This wallpaper chooses to see the beauty in nature and the beauty that it creates when left alone. While no one wants to live in a house with mould and cracks on the wall, ‘Tempo’ allows you to witness natures beauty and power to destroy without all the mess.

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