Year: 2021 — 2022
Art Direction: Palomba Serafini Associati
Client: Vesta Design
Editorial Design
Photo Editing
Vesta Design Catalogue 2021 — 2022 

Vesta Design is a company based in Italy that make lighting and design solutions for interior and contract projects. They are known for their experience and awareness of unorthodox and unique materials combined with their functional approach to design. The catalogue designed for them under the art direction of Palomba Serafini Associati was the perfect opprtunity to design an exciting and experimental catalogue for their emerging brand, giving them a visual identity and language that matched their youth and expertise. The catalogue was printed by Fontegrafica Lab using some of the most cutting edge technology that currently exists. Printed in CMYK and Gold, the images were treated so that there could be a real aura to the light and gold finishing in the objects. The binding was approached in a way that could withstand wear and tear over time, with sleek sharp edges, making the catalogue as object-like as possible.

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