Year: 2022
Studio Dentistico 

This branding project was for an established dentist → Dr.Roberto Tassell, who after many years of working as a consultant in various studios wanted to open a studio of his own. The concept was to give the studio a positive and happy identity rather than something clinical and cold. The doctor himself has a sunny and welcoming attitude, which he wanted reflected in the visual language.

The logo was designed to depict a smile instead of a tooth or a symbol more generically used in the field of dentistry. Along with the choice of colours and the crisp but friendly typography, the brand as a whole has a young and accessible image.

The grid that I chose for this editorial zine was derived from how the → Theory of Relativity is visually represented. Any image search based on the theory will produce images of a spherical object placed on a uniform three dimentional grid. I used this consistent square grid as a base for my project.

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