Year: 2021
Identity Design
Branding & Strategy

Primo Piano

Primo Piano is a distinguished real estate agency founded by two seasoned professionals in Milan. Specializing in assisting homeowners facing financial difficulties, the agency provides expert guidance in the sale of properties for individuals unable to meet their mortgage obligations. Primo Piano is committed to facilitating a seamless and efficient selling process, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring a smooth transition for their clients during challenging times. They started this company as a response to the direct effects the Covid-19 pandemic had on society and the residents of Milano.

In Milan, the color yellow holds a unique significance, epitomized by the "Giallo Milano" shade seen on many of the city's older buildings, particularly the traditional "case di ringhiera." This distinct yellow, also known as "Giallo Maria Teresa," became prominent in the 19th century, favored by the civil engineering corps of the first Italian regiment for its practicality in masking the aging of white plaster caused by chimney soot. Despite modern restorations returning historic monuments like La Scala and the Royal Palace to their original pre-19th-century colors, the yellow hue endures on the remaining ringhiera houses, preserving a visual link to Milan's architectural past. This tradition is highlighted in the area surrounding the "Library of Trees" park, which includes one of the few surviving yellow buildings, notable for its historical and cultural significance.

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