Year: 2022
Client: Accompany Doula Care
Editorial Design
Social Media Campaign
Accompany Doula Care Zine

Accompany’s work focuses on improving birth outcomes, especially where inequities and disparities are higher. They serve birthing people that otherwise wouldn’t have the means or support during this significant moment in their lives. Offering cultural and linguistic appropriate services that address communicational and cultural barriers.

As a part of their outreach program, they asked for a print and digital campaign in Spanish and English that could help inform mothers and future mothers of the benefits of doula care and the difficulties and obstacles during breast/chest feeding. The objective of the zine was to present short and informative answers to frequently asked questions about doula care and breast/chest feeding and provide useful resources for mothers and mothers to be.

The zine was designed to be reversible as to accomodate both languages in one document.

You can check out the incredible work they do ︎︎︎here.

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