I’m Tara and I am a Graphic Designer.

My introduction to design started at home. Being the daughter of a graphic designer, my mother, and a furniture designer, my father, design was always a way of life. For me, it was not until I graduated High School that I realised that this would be my path as well.

During my years at the National Institute of Advertising, New Delhi, being surrounded by talented students, experienced faculty and industry professionals, I began to nurture my inclination towards print media. At Scuola Politecnica di Design, where I studied my Masters in Visual Design, this love for print only grew bigger.

They say print is dead, but I disagree!

You can usually find me at a stationery store, touching paper or trying to find un ruled notebook to make my endless lists in.

If you would like to end up in one of my many lists, feel free to get in touch!